Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awesome Craft Fair at Catlin Court....

I loved participating in this craft fair!  Although it was HOT, 107 degrees, it was so much fun!

The fair was held at Catlin Court in historic Glendale, AZ, wonderful antique and quaint specialty shops line both sides of the street. 

Walking the street and venturing into the specialty shops is so surreal.  Strolling into the awesome shops that sell candles, is too die for, oh the aroma!  Or turn the clock back by visiting the vintage shops with their wonderful dresses, shoes, jewelry and other awesome accessories.  

I was fortunate to have my booth in front of "Girlfriends Craft House", is that store name just too cute?!

A HUGE, gorgeous tree  shaded us throughout the day.  As you can see my beautiful granddaughter enjoying herself. 

And my husband watched closely over the money.  Doesn't he look excited?  HA!

All the wonderful shoppers made for an awesome day!  I can't wait to do this again in December.  *smile*

I hear my poor neglected Etsy shop and ArtFire studio calling me.  Lots of goodies I haven't listed.   Soooooo..... 

Have an awesome day!



  1. 107degrees Holy Cow! glad you had a lovely day, fairs and markets can be fun, as well as hard work.

  2. Yes, they can be exhausting (the last fair I did was a total of 22 hours in two days), but I always love meeting other vendors and chatting with the customers.

    Yuppers, it was a scorcher, but because of the HUGE trees and a breeze going through, it wasn't bad. To be honest I wasn't thinking about it being hot when I signed up for it. I was just thinking of the fun of doing the fair.