Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fun Theory...

A couple of months ago I ran across this video on YouTube and found it sooooo FUN!

I would love to be there watching the reaction of people. I can only imagine the hours of pure fun children and yes adults could have. Personally I would skip the escalator every chance I got if there were stairs like this everywhere. :)

What about you?

Have a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Romance and Brides...

I just realized that we are at the end of April and probably one of the most romantic times of the year is fast approaching.  June romance and lovely brides.  What a gorgeous combination! 

Throughout the years I have offered several items catering to brides, but my favorites are my corset pouches, these pouches can be done with the brides colors, whether her dress or her bridesmaid's, or I can even use a swatch of fabric from the dresses.
This corset pouch I created using a lovely white brocade and trimmed in white satin.

This lovely was made using the brides colors.  Her gown was a gorgeous navy blue and white. 
Another variation on the brides dress.  Her dress was a wonderful ivory satin.

The combinations are endless!

After the wedding she can fill the corset pouch bag with potpourri and hang it from a dresser drawer, keep her delicate jewelry in the pouch and so many other wonderful uses.

And for the wedding, bookmark favors for the guest. These delicate beauties always receive oohs and ahhs...

These beauties are done in snow white, but again they are gorgeous in any color.

Below I created them in mauve, aren't they just as gorgeous?

Well, I hope I have gotten you all in a romantic mood.  Did it work?  :)

Leave me a comment and let me know....

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Butterflies and the Season...

Spring has always been one my favorite times of the year, not sure why since living in Arizona I know that HOT weather is soon to follow, maybe it's the knowing that makes me appreciate the cool weather so much more.

We also see an influx of butterflies during this time of the year, so I can't help but be motivated to fill my shop with the wonderful, graceful creatures.   Such as the pair below...

I love the royal blue in these beauties with just a hint of red.  I can imagine them fluttering past and the amazement they bring.

Imagine wearing these lovelies on Fourth of July.  Don't they speak of patriotic?

But then anyone, anywhere can wear these with their vibrant color and receive ooh's and aah's.

When I created these I wanted to make hair clips that made a statement.  Did I do it?

The majestic black with the various shades of green with a hint of yellow is so striking!

Hope you have enjoyed my mini preview of the collection of lace butterfly hair clips, with many more to come in my Etsy shop in celebration of Spring.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Etsy New Treasury East...

WOOT!  Love the new feature Etsy released today.  Treasury East!  It's in Beta, but hopefully not for long.

This new version is in HTML not Flash, which makes it even more awesomeness (is that a word? HA!).  So without further ado, here is my first Treasury in Treasury East!

You don’t have to take my word for the greatness of it. Here’s the scoop from Etsy:

"About Treasury East

The Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery.

Treasury East (beta) is a testing ground for the future of the Treasury. Create lists of items, as many as you like. Comment on other members’ lists. Share lists and enjoy! Treasury East lists have no limits and no expiration. Beautiful, diverse lists may be featured on Etsy’s front page.”

Thank you Etsy Admin, this one earns you "5" Stars!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dinner and an Earthquake...

Easter in Arizona, home of the Grand Canyon, was quite interesting this year.

The family had gathered at my daughters home to celebrate Easter. 

While my daughter was getting all the goodies together for dinner, my 13 year old granddaughter and me were sitting at the dinner table chatting about all the yummy food we were about to eat.  Then suddenly she said she was shaking. What was my response? You must be hungry. HA!!!

Of course she laughed and then pointed to the swag light above the table, hmmmmm.... it was moving side to side. About this time my DIL stated she was shaking as well. We all laughed that everyone was getting hungry!

About a minute later it was announced on the radio that Baja, CA had just had an earthquake. This was when we all had an AHA! moment.

Of course it made for interesting conversation during dinner. But I will never forget what I said to my granddaughter who experienced her first earthquake tremor. :)

Have an awesome day everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day...

  (:  ¡ʎɐp ɹǝdns ɐ ƃuıʌɐɥ ǝɹɐ noʎ ǝdoɥ ı  ¡ʎɐp s,looɟ lıɹdɐ ʎddɐɥ

I have had too much fun in the Etsy forums today with April Fool's jokes popping up by the minute. Even Etsy got into it with their new banner!

Is that too funny... "Esty" not Etsy?  HA!  My favorite by Etsy was in 2008 when they featured WatchMan, a fake seller selling reproduction watches.  That was toooooo funny!

So, as you have all gotten to know me, I just I had to find out the where, why and what is April Fool's Day.  Here is the answer.  :)

"Said to be originated with the adoption of the new Gregorian calendar in place of the old Julian calendar in 1582, April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day, was once used to be celebrated as the New Year's Day. It evolved into its present form through several centuries and influenced by several cultures and has limited itself to be the fun and hilarity associated with Spring. Practical jokes and pranks are the order of the day."

Carry on with the prankster jokes and have a great day!