Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dinner and an Earthquake...

Easter in Arizona, home of the Grand Canyon, was quite interesting this year.

The family had gathered at my daughters home to celebrate Easter. 

While my daughter was getting all the goodies together for dinner, my 13 year old granddaughter and me were sitting at the dinner table chatting about all the yummy food we were about to eat.  Then suddenly she said she was shaking. What was my response? You must be hungry. HA!!!

Of course she laughed and then pointed to the swag light above the table, hmmmmm.... it was moving side to side. About this time my DIL stated she was shaking as well. We all laughed that everyone was getting hungry!

About a minute later it was announced on the radio that Baja, CA had just had an earthquake. This was when we all had an AHA! moment.

Of course it made for interesting conversation during dinner. But I will never forget what I said to my granddaughter who experienced her first earthquake tremor. :)

Have an awesome day everyone!


  1. saw the earthquake news up here in vancouver... glad that yours wasn't very strong! great photo, btw... the grand canyon is on our list of places to travel. ;)

  2. You won't regret visiting the canyon. It is beyond words. When you are looking across the canyon it is so surreal. I have visited the canyon many times and the wonder of it still has me in awe each time I see it.

    The tremors weren't strong, thank goodness, but definitely noticeable, especially when it isn't something we experience here in the valley. It was all the talk on Monday. :)

  3. WE had one here, about six years ago - apparently there is a very old dormant fault line running right through the floor of our valley - but it hasn't caused us much trouble.

    Hope you're well!