Monday, April 19, 2010

Butterflies and the Season...

Spring has always been one my favorite times of the year, not sure why since living in Arizona I know that HOT weather is soon to follow, maybe it's the knowing that makes me appreciate the cool weather so much more.

We also see an influx of butterflies during this time of the year, so I can't help but be motivated to fill my shop with the wonderful, graceful creatures.   Such as the pair below...

I love the royal blue in these beauties with just a hint of red.  I can imagine them fluttering past and the amazement they bring.

Imagine wearing these lovelies on Fourth of July.  Don't they speak of patriotic?

But then anyone, anywhere can wear these with their vibrant color and receive ooh's and aah's.

When I created these I wanted to make hair clips that made a statement.  Did I do it?

The majestic black with the various shades of green with a hint of yellow is so striking!

Hope you have enjoyed my mini preview of the collection of lace butterfly hair clips, with many more to come in my Etsy shop in celebration of Spring.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. AMAZING! Those are so gorgeous. I will stop by your Etsy shop. Thanks for posting and sharing those amazing butterfly clips. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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  2. Thanks Gina! :)

    I really do enjoy making them, so many combinations it is endless. And like nature, there are never two alike. They each have their own look and personality.

    Just visited your blog while enjoying a cup of coffee. Nice way to spend my morning. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous!! I love these!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!