Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ArtFire and Collections...

I am a Maven on ArtFire.  Just what is a Maven?  Mavens test out new features for the site before they are released to the community.  We try really hard to break them.  HA!  When we can't break them anymore the feature is then released to the ArtFire community.

So, what are we testing now?  Collections!  They are similar to Etsy Treasuries.  ArtFire released the testing in the last 24 hours.  So of course I am having too much fun playing with them.  I have now created two Collections.   Without further ado, here they are *drum* roll....

Summer Welcomes Fall

Strawberry Delight

To view these awesome ArtFire Artisan studios, click on either Collection.   Enjoy!

Have a great day!


  1. Both of your collections are so beautiful. There are so many talented artisans and the photos are stunning. Thank you so much for including my comb in your Yum...Strawberry Delight Collection.

  2. Neat feature! I've been considering trying Artfire...had heard mixed reviews. I like the way this looks!

    Thanks for sharing!