Friday, September 24, 2010

ArtFire's Unbelievable Group Deal...

Over the past few weeks I have been moving items from my shop on Etsy to my studio on ArtFire. Little did I know at the time I made this decision that ArtFire was going to make an offer that is totally unbelievable.

Originally ArtFire offered the $5.95 monthly deal to 20,000 members. To our surprise, John (CEO) and Tony (COO) of ArtFire changed the criteria to "all" members who sign up by Oct 1, 2010 will definitely get the group deal. After that, memberships will be $9.95 a month, which isn't a bad deal, but doesn't $5.95 sound even better?

I am so excited to be in on this deal! They have also left Beta behind, WOOT! The front page of ArtFire has taken on a whole new look. It now features "Collections" created by ArtFire Artisans.

All the changes at ArtFire are just incredible and in perfect timing for the upcoming holiday season.

If you haven't checked out ArtFire for awhile, it is never too late.

So come on by and visit, love to see you there. *smile*

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