Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red and Pink, Oh those Colors...

So I have spent the last month gearing up for Valentine's day which is fast approaching.

I love the day, why? Because "red" and "pink" are two of my favorite colors. Red is so strong and vibrant and Pink is so delicate and soft. As they say, "opposites attract". I have had too much fun creating items for this special day.

When I created the lace bag, I visioned a gorgeous ring, bracelet or necklace inside of it and the recipient giggling in excitement.

I couldn't resist creating a pair of earrings for me after making a pair for my shop. They are so delicate, I love them!

But now, we can't forget about baby. What would Valentine's Day be without dressing her up all cutesy?

Two love birds resting on a heart and since babies are delicate and soft, I knew I had to do them in Pink.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day, may it be filled with LOVE!



  1. Gorgeous Valentine array! I love these colors...I love them all year 'round!

  2. Wow, the earrings are fantastic!