Friday, July 2, 2010

Chalkboard Fascination..

Since I was in grade school, chalkboards were always a love of mine.  I especially loved it when the teacher asked me to come write on the board and then at the end of the day as Teacher's helper I got to take the erasers outside and clean them.  Getting all the chalky dust on my clothes and hands.  I looked like Casper the Ghost.  HA!

Soooooo, how could I resist creating chalkboards as an adult? I couldn't!  I just recently listed my first two chalkboard creations in my Etsy shop.  But not just your ordinary chalkboards, these are done in customized colors.
The first one is a gorgeous shade of Peach.  Hard to believe it is a chalkboard, but trust me, it is.  :)

The fabric flower and eraser are handcrafted as well.

How about a soft sage green chalkboard?  Done!  How about adorning it with buttons and a mini handcrafted satin fabric flower?  Done!

OK, two done, now onto doing more! and more! and more!  All in an array of awesome colors, shapes and sizes. Can you tell I am excited? *smile*

For my readers in the states, wishing you a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend!

For my International readers, have an awesome weekend!


  1. Wow! beautiful colors. Is that paint? Love what you did with it!

  2. Hi debi,


    It is a customized chalkboard paint that I made. You can buy black, gray, green chalkboard paint already made up, but I didn't want to go that route. I wanted something exciting.

    I can create the chalkboard paint in any color.


  3. Love the peach chalkboard, one of my favorite colors

  4. The peach has been my favorite so far. I just finished chalkboards in light pink, mauve and country blue. I am having too much fun with these. :)

  5. chalboards in pastell colours?
    love them! :D