Friday, July 23, 2010

Push Pins and It's the Weekend...

It's Friday and quitting time at the office, check list of things to do:

Put work papers away (check)
Pens/Pencils into handcrafted holder (check)
Shut down the computer (check)

Hmmmm... what have I forgotten?  Oh yes, I remember now!  Put new handcrafted push pins on cork board with reminder for lunch on Monday... (check)

Soooooo, did you like my subtle way of introducing my newest endeavor?  *smile* These tiny fabric covered button push pins were a fun challenge.  I have baggies filled with little scraps of fabric that I don't like tossing because I knew I could find  something to do with them and alas I did! 

I could fill up a room with these push pins with all the scraps of fabric I have, but OK, OK, I won't, it could be dangerous, all those sharp, pointed ends.  With my luck I would sit on one!  HA!

Now, let the weekend begin!  Enjoy it everyone!

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