Friday, March 5, 2010

Anyone for Lemonade?

First a true confession... I love, love, love lemonade. Addicted? Yup, proud to say I am. So when my husband asked me yesterday if I wanted to make lemonade my response was "heck yaaa!, but I don't have any lemons". Well, the dear husband he is, he had the no lemon situation covered. From behind his back he produced the largest lemon I had ever seen!

He actually brought four of these gigantic lemons home! Problem is, they are so big and awesome, I don't want to cut them. HA! The largest lemon measures 7" long and a 6" diameter. Is that just too unbelievable?!?! I have included in the picture a normal size lemon for comparison. Poor little guy looks lost between the BIG guys.

Well, being the kind of person who has to know the what, why, how etc, I did an internet search for these babies. Using "giant lemons" for a keyword search, I was able to find out just what these big guys are. They are Ponderosa Lemons.

Any suggestions what to do with these? I am leaning towards of course lemonade and maybe some lemon bars? Ok, so now I have made myself thirsty and hungry all in the span of five minutes. :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looking at those lemons is making my mouth water. Lemonade and lemon bars sounds like perfection :)

  2. My mouth has been watering for them since I laid eyes on them. YUM! Now that I was able to take a picture of them, I will definitely being cutting them up for something yummy! :)

  3. These are the largest lemons I have ever seen! They're like Jack and the Beanstalk lemons!