Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling Like Summer...

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, could someone tell me when Winter ended and how I managed to miss Spring too? It's been ranging in the mid 70's this week in Phoenix. Oh, I wish we could have had a few more cooler days. It's too early. I actually had to turn my A/C on for a bit yesterday afternoon. Are you jealous? HA!

The tree in my backyard is so confused, poor baby lost his leaves mid-January and new leaves sprouted a week ago.

I have even found myself creating items in summer colors. Living in Arizona does give one reason to be confused.

Take my advice, if you cherish your sanity, don't move to Arizona. :)

Now you ask, why do I live here? I had no choice, being a Native of Arizona, there is no escape. I actually did try to move to Washington state a few years ago, sold my home, rented a moving truck, I was so ready. But it was not to happen. The BIG move landed me three miles down the road in a new home. I am doomed to be here, yuppers, do I sound resigned to that fact? Naw, nevvaa! *smile*

Maybe someday.... a girl can always dream!

Have an awesome day everyone...


  1. You can move out here to Virginia any time you're ready!

    We had snow again - though not too much this time, and I can actually see signs of spring happening all around.

    I love the rainbow colors!!!


  2. Christina... I am so ready! :)

    Friends always laugh at me when I say, when it's hot I just want to vegetate but when it's rainy and cold, nothing can stop me from going and going and going (just like the Energizer bunny). I was definitely born in the wrong state.