Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh NO, Locked Keys in Car...

Rut roh, you get out of your car, close your locked door, then you look down on your front seat and what do you see?  Your keys are laying there!

Besides using every *four* letter word known to mankind, *smile* What will you do now?

Have I got the perfect solution for you!

*First*... start by wiping the sweat from your brow.

*Second*... think! Do you have a remote attached to your keys that unlocks your doors? Of course you do!

*Third*... It occurs to you that your partner or friend has the matching remote. This is where it gets easy. Get busy calling your partner or friend. When they answer simply ask them to place the remote by their speaker on the phone, then have them click the unlock button. What did you just hear? Your doors unlocking!

This works wonderful, very much how On Star operates.  Hope you never have to use it, but just in case, I thought I would pass this tip on.

Have an awesome upcoming week!



  1. I've only ever locked keys in a car once. Fortunately it was a very reasonably old car, and after some prodding & pointing out that those were indeed crank handle type windows — the tow truck guy got me my keys... ironically the reason the keys ended up locked in the car was because I had it towed.

    I am now slightly paranoid about locking my keys in my car when I get to work; only because I work so far away from home. I'm the crazy one in the parking lot muttering as I check my pocket for the third time.

  2. Sarah, that makes two of us! I triple check I have my keys in hand before closing my door. Talk about paranoid! HA! :)

  3. I, too, am very paranoid to make sure that I have my keys on my person somewhere before I lock the door - I have had this particular incident happen once many years ago - and decided I did not want a repeat experience. :-)

    Enjoy your week!


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